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Completing your design needs to unify your interior is our priority.

We provide help with color choices, flooring, tile, countertops, room configuration, furniture selections, window treatments, and thoughtful ideas. We are a single point of contact for completing your design plan. A long term plan geared to the functional appeal of the space to create… Home Appeal. e offer different price points for each budget... making the most of it. Excellence at the very best price, the one you choose. We listen; and then adapt your style by creating a comfortable space.


Sherry Miller | Owner

Sherry has been in the interior design business a number of years.  She grew Home Appeal to the business it is today upon moving to the Chicago area in 2006.  She works closely with architects, carpenters, painters and builders to complete the vision of the homeowner.  She specializes in creating a functional space for the needs of each client.  Design has always been a part of who Sherry is, she went to Anderson University for Interior Design, but it wasn’t until after raising a family of her own that she decided to open her own business.

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